on-demand mobile carwash app

vosh eliminates the hassle of the normal carwash process. It's easy, it's convenient, it's on-demand! Download the app and get on with your life. We'll handle your carwash.

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how vosh works

open the app, see voshers in your area, select your vehicle type and request your on-demand car wash.
review the location, service and payment type, then confirm your vosh request.
your ratings and feedback help ensure we provide the highest quality service from only the best voshers.
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would you rather...

the vosh app gives you flexibility and time to do something you love instead of something you don’t.

Would you rather Vacuum your car or BBQ with your family Would you rather Wash you car or go to the gym Would you rather go to the Car Wash or play golf Would you rather Wash your mats or go to the beach
the vosh app was very user friendly and easy to use. i just input my CC number and set my location and a vosher appeared within a few minutes.
jessica k.
i used this app for the first time since i dislike going to get my car washed. it is convenient and no cash transaction takes place with the service provided.
dave g.
i loved the simple pricing that vosh offers. i knew exactly what the service was that I was to receive and the pricing was as plain as daylight.
steven k.
i am an environmentalist and with the recent drought in my area, i loved the fact that vosh is eco-friendly and uses, on average, 3 gallons of water.
roxy b.
i woke up one morning, requested a car wash. by the time i came out of the shower, my car was as clean as me.
robin r.
my friend had mentioned an uber app for car washes. i downloaded the app while meeting with my cpa and requested a wash. by the time my meeting was done, my car was voshed.
jeff b.

    our voshers

    vosh connects the passion and experience of our partners with our customers, meanwhile, helping our partners grow their business.

    • our voshers are local business owners that live and work in your community.
    • they are active, experienced, talented, and take pride in what they do.
    • they go through a vigorous 7-point background check.
    • they carry a minimum liability insurance policy of $1,000,000.
    • they bring their own equipment, supplies, electricity and water.

    3 great reasons to
    partner with vosh

    1. on-demand availability gives you the flexibility to decide when and where you work.
    2. location-based carwash requests keep you working locally and helps you wash more cars in less time.
    3. getting started is quick and easy.
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