5 Tips for a Slow day

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5 Tips for a Slow day

If you are a business owner or simply an employee, there are workdays that are unbelievably slow. Unfortunately, we are individuals don’t typically know the best or most efficient way to use our time on a slow day. If you’re done with work and feel the need to be productive there are a couple of wise to-do’s you can accomplish and stay ahead of slower times and work days.


It’s fairly common for business owners and employees, even independent contractors to use slower days to shift into maintenance mode and complete tasks that might have been on their list for a while. Some of these tasks might be cleaning their desks, personal tasks or socializing with co-workers.


Some others take advantage of these slow times by taking longer lunch breaks, leave early, or watch Netflix. Taking time away from the business can drastically hurt efficiency and most importantly break motivation. “Workplace studies have shown that breaks are necessary to refresh the mind and will help productivity at work” but excessive breaks due to slow works days can drastically hurt productivity.


Here are 5 things you should do on a slow day at work:


Get organized.

When a business owner gets organized, cleans their desk, goes through paperwork, or simply follows up on needed supplies, they often find hidden tasks they did not think about. Spending time cleaning up clutter can also increase moral and efficiency in the office. It helps to keep your desk and most importantly your mind clear.


Now that you get a chance to get in front of those e-mails flooding into your inbox, start delegating tasks to partners, helpers, secretaries, and most importantly organizing tasks in order of importance. This will help you get ahead of the next day.



As a business owner you need time to focus on your business. As an employee you might want to help your employer grow as well as your career. Slow days are one of the biggest advantages you have. Evaluate the past, the present, and most importantly plan for the future.  Establish goals, future tasks, and ideas to help the business grow and become more efficient.



Even though most employers don’t like their employees socializing at work, having a healthy environment is very important. Network with your fellow co-workers and see if you can help them accomplish their tasks. They will feel grateful and most importantly a healthy relationship will be established. This affects moral and efficiency in a new way. As a business owner you might want to start networking with your employees, helping them out and increasing their moral as well.



Build rapport with your team with activates as business lunches, brain storming sessions, business discussions and group breaks can help you network. Take these opportunities to discuss the larger picture, the department, the mission, the goal of the team.  



If you find yourself with lots of time on your hands at work, it might be a good time to learn more about your business. Learn more about other aspects, tasks, and procedures. In fact, spending time exercising your mind can help the owner or employees of any business become more efficient.


Personal Tasks

Yes, Personal tasks can help you turn a slow day into an amazingly productive one. Most importantly you can accomplish personal tasks that will get you motivated and not take any time away from work. You can order supplies for the office, and put together a shopping list for yourself. You can review your schedule and organize your time to better-fit tasks and events. You can get a car wash, yes a car wash. There are many services that come to you. For example, VOSH, Vosh is an online and mobile app that lets people order a car wash to come to their location. It’s unbelievably affordable and most important; it does not take time away from your workday. Become productive and get personal tasks done. Download the Vosh app today and see how easy and fast it is to wash your car. 

Publish Date: 11/21/2015
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