Drought: California’s Neverending Story

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Drought: California’s Neverending Story

If you recall our blog from January, we touched on the California drought and how it is a recurring theme in this state. Even though it has experienced droughts before, the drought conditions we are in now have shattered records. So, we’re doing a follow up!

What We Already Do…

We have more water-efficient home appliances like low-flow shower heads and toilets, as well as water-conserving washing machines and dishwashers. Also, public education about water conservation has increased general awareness, so more and more people are going beyond the basics as far as conservation goes. Financial incentives from public utilities have provided a bit of impetus for homeowners to say goodbye to their lawns in favor of California native (or at least drought-resistant) landscaping.

What We Can Do...Automotive Drought Solutions

We have to remember that drought in California is more or less a permanent condition. While we may not always have one, it runs through cycles. Some car dealerships are offering their customers the opportunity to refuse the complimentary car wash they usually give with every automotive service. Those participating in this program say that water savings can amount to millions of gallons of water annually, which is fantastic!

So what else can we do as car owners to help mitigate drought conditions?

Many drivers have signed the #DirtyCarPledge initiated by the nonprofit Los Angeles Waterkeeper. The idea is that car owners don’t wash their cars for 60 days. Kudos to those making the effort! Remember though, a dirty car can impair your vision as a driver. Safety first. In addition, things like tree resin and bird poop can damage your car’s paint job, diminishing its value and potentially damaging its structural integrity in the long run.

Now, you are not required to drive a filthy car in order to save water. According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, it’s preferable to have your car washed by a professional as opposed to doing it yourself at home. Most car washes in Southern California recycle their water, and mobile services like ours limit the amount of water used. For Vosh, it is #LessThan3Gallons. In addition, a proper wax can make a big difference in protecting your car’s paint job...the application of wax (after your car is clean) will make it easier to remove dust and debris when washed in the future.

We Promise to do Our Part

Generally speaking, water conservation is particularly important in industries that rely on water usage, automotive or not. Vosh is committed to using Less Than 3 Gallons for our car washing/detailing service, for you and for the environment. http://vosh.me/

Publish Date: 03/28/2016
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