It’s ALIVE! The Vosh App Is Live!

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It’s ALIVE! The Vosh App Is Live!

We are so very proud and excited to announce the official launch of our revolutionary on-demand car wash app, Vosh, to both iOS and Android users through the App Store and Google Play. Here’s to never again wasting time taking your car to the car wash!

The Vosh Lifestyle

Vosh is not just a car wash, it’s a way of life! And no, that’s not just us being overly invested in our app. Yes, Vosh eliminates the hassle of the normal carwash process, whether you wash it yourself or drive it to the nearest car wash. Yes, Vosh is an easy, convenient, and affordable way to get your car washed. But it’s not the on-demand car wash and detailing itself that we created Vosh for. It’s for the time it can save.

Now that you don’t have to wash your car yourself, you save at least one hour that you can now use in a way that has more meaning, whether it is improving your health with a yoga class or having a backyard barbecue with your family. Vosh isn’t just about clean cars, it’s about helping you spend your time on the things that truly matter.

Saving Time AND Water

Vosh prides itself on providing a convenient AND environmentally-friendly service. Based in California, we have lived with drought and know how important it is to conserve water, which is why our voshers use less than three gallons of water on average to wash a car. We also offer waterless car washes. When everyone commits to the little things, like less than three gallons for a car wash, it can make a big difference.

Download Vosh Today!

Save time, save water, and simplify life by downloading Vosh from the App Store or Google Play store today and simplify life in three easy steps:

  1. Request - open the app, see voshers in your area, select your vehicle type and request an on-demand car wash.

  2. Review info - review the location, service and payment type, then confirm the Vosh request.

  3. Rate - ratings and feedback help ensure Vosh, Inc. provides the highest quality service from only the best voshers.

Every Vosh receives the same 100 percent hand-washed attention to detail with thorough interior vacuum and clean, complete exterior wash and dry, in-depth rim clean and shine, and full tire clean and shine.

Publish Date: 11/14/2016
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