Rain Is Great! Unless It’s Acid Rain

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Rain Is Great! Unless It’s Acid Rain

We do love to see the rain in drought-stricken California. However, acid rain and other environmental factors can damage the exterior of your car, if you don’t get it washed regularly. Your paint job can get all sorts of blemishes from such things as acid rain, dust, and other debris, which can eventually damage the structural integrity of your car. Here's what you need to watch out for!

Acid Rain

- Factory pollutants turn into acid in our atmosphere and get attached to moisture (i.e. rain, snow, hail, sleet, etc.)

- When the water evaporates, it leaves the acidic compound as a residue on your car

- The sun basically bakes it, and it eats away at the clear coat leaving a raindrop splatter-like mark that will not wash off

- The clear coat paint applied as the top coat (gives the mirror-like sheen) has been criticized as too weak to hold up against pollutants

SOLUTION:  It’s not an exact science, but getting your car washed after it rains will remove the acidic compounds before the sun has an opportunity to activate it

Dust and Other Debris

- The winds can pick up and blow all sorts of things onto (and into) your car if you park it outside. Dust, dirt, leaves, sticks, and even tree sap can accumulate on the surface and in the cracks and crevices.

- Tree sap will not immediately damage your paint, but if left on the car too long can result in blemishes.

- Do not attempt to wipe off dust and debris with a dry towel. No matter how soft the fabric, the dust and debris will scratch the surface of your car. These scratches may not be easily visible to the human eye, but they’re there. Trust us.

SOLUTION:  You may have guessed it already, but getting your car washed regularly will help keep your paint in good shape.

The Animal Kingdom

- We love animals. They’re great! They’re adorable...but also can be a bit messy. Birds make some lovely music don’t they? They also leave behind something not so lovely...bird poop.

- Bird poop has acidic compounds that when left too long will have a similar effect on your paint as acid rain.

- When the temperature drops, little critters may seek shelter in the nooks and crannies of your warm engine, and rats will eat anything. Literally ANYTHING. Leaking gas all of a sudden? You may have rats in the engine. They leave behind a telltale sign...rat poop.

You Don't Have to Lift a Finger...Except on Your Phone

Let's be honest, no one has the time to constantly wash their car. Thankfully, you don't have to use up your time. Use ours! With Vosh on-demand car wash, all you have to do is order your wash through our mobile app, then sit back and relax while we do the work! For more info, visit http://vosh.me/about.html.

Publish Date: 04/28/2016
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