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I’m Ready for My Close-Up!

There is such a thing as a car facelift.  No, really.  We are not pulling your leg...or your arm...or your hair.  A car facelift is pretty much what it sounds like.  You take an older car and give it an upgrade, and while it is most often to for the exterior of the car, the interior and mechanical components can be overhauled too.  But why?

Why Not Just Design a New Car?

Simply put, giving a car a facelift will not be as expensive as designing a brand new car or completely redesigning an old one.  Car manufacturers don’t necessarily make the amount of money as most people think they do.  As such, sometimes it’s a better financial move to give a model a new look.

Also, do you know how often a particular model is redesigned and updated?  It may be 5-7 years before a manufacturer updates because of how much money goes into it.  Considering how much technology goes into cars (mechanical or otherwise), this should be surprising.  Most people consider their computer obsolete in a year or two, and a car is an even bigger investment.  Just take a look at how often people get a new phone, which let’s be honest, is really a handheld computer that can make phone calls.

You can think of a car facelift as the software updates you get for your phone.  They fix bugs here and there, but the model of your phone is still substantively the same.  When it becomes too buggy to fix with an update, it’s time for a completely new model.

Right Time, Right Place

Two years or so after a particular model’s release (car, not phone), a manufacturer will create a facelifted version, sometimes tweaking the mechanics if it’s performance is not up to snuff.

While still rather costly, the facelift is not as pricey as a complete redesign, and it can renew interest in an “older” car while also increasing the price a bit.  This allows the manufacturer to generate more income while it waits to unveil a complete redesign.  It’s not too bad for the consumer either, who gets an upgrade for a more reasonable price.  And of course, let’s be honest, everyone likes the feeling of driving a brand new car, even if it’s a facelifted version of the old one.

You know what you will have to do with your new facelifted car, don’t you?  Get it Voshed...

Publish Date: 08/30/2016
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